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  • 2.16.23 – Podcast Episode: [In-Progress]

  • 2.9.23 – Podcast Episode: [In-Progress]

  • 2.5.23 – Branded Content Campaign: The following will be published with the Las Vegas Review Journal during the month of February.

    • Digital Article scheduled to post 2.21.23: [In-Progress]
    • Print Advertorial will post every Sunday: [In-Progress]
  • 2.2.23 – Podcast Episode: [In-Progress]


  • Podcast Stats for Deeds in the Desert (as of 1.23.23):

    • Total # of Episodes: 16
    • Total # of Listens/Plays: 1,104
    • Top Performing Educational Ep.: Trust Deeds vs. REITs (100+)
    • Top Performing New Investment Ep.: Rhino Loan #5637 (150+)
  • 1.25.23 – The MoneyShow: The MoneyShow is hosting a multi-day virtual investor event that Ignite Funding will be attending & presenting a webinar. The marketing department prepared the virtual booth and will aid the BDE with post-event follow-up via targeted email.

  • 1.26.22 – Podcast Episode: [In-Progress]

  • 1.22.23 – Branded Content Campaign: Ignite is engaging in its 4th annual branded content campaign with the Las Vegas Review Journal. The RJ has been a successful advertising outlet to market to and convert local clients. This campaign will include monthly digital articles sponsored on their website and weekly print advertorials posted every Sunday from now through June.

    • Print advertorial release dates 1.22.23 & 1.29.23: Proof Copy
  • 1.17.23 – Client Review Campaign: Monthly emails will be sent by marketing to provide the company with a consistent influx of review. Click Here to see this months email.

  • 1.13.22 – Updated Blog: Tax Time FAQ: What to Expect from Trust Deed Investments was updated to reflect the release dates of 2022 tax forms. An email will be sent to clients on this date to help mitigate client questions that can be answered in this blog.

  • 1.12.22 – Podcast Episode: [In-progress] 4th Quarter Recap with DOU Pat Vassar

  • 1.10.23 – Internal Hosted Event: When BDE reps do not have an external/3rd party run event for the month, internal virtual events/webinars will be hosted to aid existing & old lead conversion.

  • 1.6.23 – Email Signature Banners: Per a new marketing initiative to drive client & lead traffic to the website, podcasts, text opt-in, available investments, etc. These will be refreshed quarterly and will also be implemented on Salesforce email templates.

  • 1.6.23 – Email Campaign: The marketing dept. is working to help re-engage foreign investors located in Canada that may not have thought it was possible to invest with us. If you encounter foreign investors interested in Ignite, please refer to the Chief Compliance Officer for direction as not all foreign investors fall under the same policies/regulations.

  • 1.5.23 – Podcast Episode: Recession Proof Real Estate: Medical Facilities and Storage Units ft. President Cook & DOU Vassar. To combat economic Armageddon headlines, we shared with clients & leads insight into what Ignite continues to do to mitigate risk on investments and what they have to look forward to as far as the type of projects they will see coming down the pipeline.