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  • Client Review Campaigns YTD:

  • Client Referral Campaigns:

  • Loans Funded:

  • New Accounts:

  • 12.1.23 – 12.2.23 – Tax and Legal 360 – National leader, speaker, author and influencer, Mark Kohler brings together his most impactful tax and legal topics for an Event like no other! A true conference where business owners and Tax and Legal professionals network all under one roof in Phoenix Arizona. Izzy Irizarry and Jordan Tyner represented Ignite Funding at this years event.

  • 12.1.23 – Big O Tire Ad changed for December. Click here to view ad.

  • 12.1.23 – Podcast Episode – New Investment Opportunity: Rhino Grimes. In this episode, Pat Vassar engages in a compelling conversation with Sanjiv Chopra about the exciting new investment opportunity, Rhino Holdings Grimes. They delve into the realms of retail and commercial real estate, exploring Sanjiv’s extensive experience as the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Rhino Investments.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 234
    (16 in November: 6 BBB, 1 Facebook, 9 Google)

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 8

  • Loans Funded: $12.3 M

  • New Accounts: 33

  • 11.27.23 – Email Review Campaign – This email was sent to clients to remind them that they can earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card by leaving a review.

  • 11.21.23 – Email Available Investment  This email was sent to clients and leads to let them know about Slot Gaming, Midway, Three Palms, and Villas.

  • 11.12.23 – 11.13.23 – AAPL Conference – The American Association of Private Lenders is the oldest and largest national association for the private lending industry. Each year we host the nation’s largest private lending event at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, featuring the right mix of comprehensive education (no sales pitches here!), networking, and of course plenty of classic Vegas fun. Izzy Irizarry and Greg Yang represented Ignite Funding at this years event.

  • 11.10.23 – Email Available Investment  This email was sent to clients and leads to let them know about Fig Stowe Creek and Villas at 35th.

  • 11.9.23 – Email Performance Record Review 2023 Q3. This email was sent to the leads in the marketing bucket to let them know that the 2023 Performance Record Review has been updated with information through Q3.

  • 11.9.23 – Podcast Episode – Ignite Funding’s Investor Communication. Misty and Izzy delve into the intricacies of what communication awaits you when investing with Ignite Funding, covering aspects like loan processing documents, automated notifications for e-sign docs, notarized SPOA’s, investment funds, and payments.most.

  • 11.8.23 – Email Referral Program. This email was sent to the CSR clients to encourage them to share Ignite Funding with friends and family so that they too can enjoy the benefits of investing in Trust Deeds.

  • 11.6.23 – Email Available Loan– Hillwood Homes. New loan in Park City, Utah sent out to leads and clients.

  • 11.3.23 – Email Podcast Monthly Recap. We released three episodes last month on Deeds in the Desert. Two of the episodes focused on how to get started at Ignite Funding and why Trust Deeds belong in every investors portfolio. The third episode explored a new topic we have never covered on Deeds in the Desert; Registered Investment Advisors and how they work with Ignite Funding.

  • 11.3.23 – 11.4.23 – Note Expo Event -held in Dallas Texas, this brought note investors from all over the world to NoteExpo 2023 to transform  beliefs about what’s possible, catalyzing your journey to financial security and freedom. Kate Butta represented Ignite Funding at the booth.

  • 11.2.23 – Podcast Episode – Insurance: Providing Investors an Extra Layer of Security. In this episode, we’re delighted to have Carrie Cook, President of Ignite Funding, share her expertise. Why is this topic so important, you ask? It’s an extra layer of protection for our investors! After a successful closing, we ensure our investors receive the recorded deed, executed promissory note, title policy, and, of course, the all-important insurance policy. Remember, insurance is truly vital when you need it the most.

  • 11.1.23 – Big O Tire Advertising changed for November. Click to view ad.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 218
    (13 in October: 6 BBB, 3 Facebook, 4 Google)

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 12

  • Loans Funded: $17,584,000

  • New Accounts: 37

  • 10.31.23 – Email Available Investment.  This email went out to leads  to inform them of two loans, Edge Concepts and Elm Meadows, both of which are primed and ready for investment.

  • 10.26.23 – Podcast Episode – Why Trust Deeds Belong In Your Portfolio. Discover how trust deeds work, the benefits they offer, and why they belong in your portfolio! Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your financial foundation and achieve your investment goals.

  • 10.19.23 – Podcast Episode – Exploring Registered Investment Advisors with Howard Financial. Join Lance Howard, President and Founder of Howard Financial, in a candid conversation with Misty Bethany, Chief Compliance Officer, and Carrie Cook, President of Ignite Funding. Listen in as they dive into the world of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), investments, risk tolerance, and the dynamic partnership between Howard Financial and Ignite Funding.

  • 10.18.23 – Email – Referral Program.  This email is to make sure clients are aware  of our referral program and can earn a $100 VISA gift card with each referral you make that opens an account and invests at Ignite Funding

  • 10.18.23 – Email – Add Trust Deeds to Your Portfolio.  This email asks leads if it’s time to consider diversifying your investment portfolio and introduces the opportunity to invest in real estate through Trust Deeds.

  • 10.12.23 – Email Available Investment.  This email went out to leads  to inform them of the five loans, each with a unique borrower, all of which are primed and ready for investment.

  • 10.12.23 – Big O Tire Advertising changed for October. Click to view ad.

  • 10.5.23 – Podcast Episode – How to Get started Investing with Ignite Funding. Join host Howard Robbins, Business Development Executive, in this short informative episode as he delves into how to get started investing with Ignite Funding. Howard will guide you through the essential steps of initiating your investment journey with Ignite Funding. He discusses how to open an account, how to pick an investment, the documents needed, how to fund the investments, and more!

  • 10.4.23 – Podcast Monthly Recap Email was sent to Clients to make sure they didn’t miss any of the episodes in September.

  • 10.4.23 – Webinar -Howard Robbins represented Ignite Funding in a webinar with Just In Time Book Keeping, discussing the two sides of Hard Money Lending.

  • 10.3.23 – New Loan – Rhino Arlington.  Email went out to leads and client to inform them of a new$6.8M Rhino loan in Arlington Heights, Illinois.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 205
    (28 in September: 16 BBB, 4 Facebook, 8 Google)

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 7

  • Loans Funded: $25,926,000

  • New Accounts: 42

  • 9.28.23 – Podcast Episode – Navigating Rising Interest Rates. Carrie Cook, President of Ignite Funding, and Pat Vassar, Director of Underwriting, embark on a deep dive into the world of rising interest rates. Get ready for an insightful exploration of the burning questions that flood their desks daily, all revolving around the impact of interest rate

  • 9.21.23 – Podcast Episode – Fueling Investments: How to Send Funds to Ignite Funding. Misty Bethany, Chief Compliance Officer, and Andrew Ervin, Controller, delve into the crucial aspect of how you send your funds to Ignite Funding. In this episode, we explore: Transferring Cash for Investments, the Significance of Speed, Unraveling Personal Check Transfers, Tracking Wires and Self-Directed IRA Funds.

  • 9.14.23 – Podcast Episode – Before You Invest: Top Questions to Ask Companies. Izzy and Kate lead the discussion to explore the critical questions you absolutely must ask before putting your hard-earned money into any company.

  • 9.13.23 – Available Loans Email Highlighting Hillwood Homes, FIG, and Rue Grimaldi.

  • 9.8.23 – Podcast Monthly Recap Email – Highlighting the 5 podcasts from August.

  • 9.7.23 – Event – Family Office Club – held in San Francisco California was attending by Misty Bethany representing Ignite Funding.

  • 9.6.23 – Available Loans Email Highlighting Prez, 17th & Sheridan and LV Properties.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 177

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 21

  • Loans Funded: $66,600,000

  • New Accounts: 68

  • 8.31.23 – Podcast Episode – August Recap: Scaling New Heights in Funding – Welcome to another episode of “Deeds in the Desert,” where we take a closer look at what happened in August at Ignite Funding. Join us as we talk about our most successful month of funding yet, where we managed to secure an impressive $66 million dollars. This achievement sets a new record for Ignite and shows how committed we are to doing great work.

  • 8.31.23 – BOLV Email-  View the email here. Asking clients to vote for Ignite Funding.

  • 8.24.23 – Podcast Episode – Compounding Interest and The Rule of 72 – In this episode, Izzy and Howard dive into the world of Compound Interest, showing you how even a small investment can grow over time, thanks to the magic of compounding. Discover how Compound Interest is like a snowball effect for your savings, helping your money work harder and smarter. Then, they demystify the Rule of 72 – a simple rule of thumb to estimate how long it takes for your investments to double in value. You’ll get practical insights into how these concepts apply to your everyday financial decisions.

  • 8.22.23 – Available Investment Email-  View the email here. Email informing clients of the loans that are available along with fact sheets

    • Grays Development Company, Inc #5902-#5914 | COLORADO 
    • Prez Enterprises, Inc #5939-#5950 | TEXAS
    • Future Legends 6, LLC #5972 | COLORADO
    • Midway Land Holdings, LLC #5924-#5930 | UTAH
  • 8.16.23 – Text Message Changes Email-  View the email here. Email informing clients that they will now be opted-in for investment notifications via text message to their mobile phone. All new investment notifications will be sent from this number – 702-919-4281. If clients do not want to receive new investment notifications via text message, they will be able to opt-out after the initial text message is sent.

  • 8.15.23 – Futures Email-  View the email here.

  • 8.14.23 – Prez 5938 Email-  View the email here.

  • 8.10.23 – Podcast Episode – What’s the Hold-up? Unraveling Investment Hurdles -Hosted by Chris Trembly, Director of Operations at Preferred Trust, and Izzy Irizarri, Ignite Funding. This podcast delves into the lesser-known yet incredibly lucrative strategy of leveraging your retirement funds to participate in trust deed investments.

  • 8.8.23 – Available Investments Email-  View the email that was sent to clients showing the latest loan offerings: Grays , Skye Meadow, Hillwood and Rhino.

  • 8.3.23 – Pitfalls Whitepaper Email-  View the email that was sent to leads discussing some of the risks that clients could come up against when investing in Trust Deeds and  how to mitigate those risks.

  • 8.3.23 – Podcast Episode – Unveiling Client Survey Insights – In this engaging and informative podcast, we delve into the heart of our clients’ feedback and explore how their voices shape the future of our company. Join us as we unpack the valuable data, testimonials, and suggestions provided by our esteemed clients through comprehensive surveys. We aim to listen, learn, and continuously improve our services, and this podcast is a testament to our commitment. Discover why client feedback is the cornerstone of our growth and how it helps us refine our strategies and enhance customer experiences.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 162

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 17

  • Loans Funded: $30,200,000

  • New Accounts: 43

  • 7.28.23 – Voting for Best of Las Vegas begins. Vote here.

  • 7.27.23 – Tax & Legal Summit Event held in Salt Lake City, Utah, was attended by Howard Robbins representing Ignite Funding. Click here to view handout.

  • 7.25.23 – Review Email sent to CSR clients. Click to view email.  Monthly emails will be sent by marketing to provide the company with a consistent influx of review

  • 7.24.23 – Big O Tire Advertising begins. Click to view ad.

  • 7.24.23 – Midway Loan Email sent to clients. Click to view email.

  • 7.20.23 – Forever Home Loan Email sent to clients. Click to view email.

  • 7.19.23 – Review Email sent to Howard’s clients. Click to view email.  Monthly emails will be sent by marketing to provide the company with a consistent influx of review

  • 7.18.23 – BAD IRA Custodian Blog Email sent to clients. Click to view email.  As a savvy investor, you recognize that Trust Deeds investments with Ignite Funding are a great vehicle to elevate your retirement savings strategy. However, let us ask you one important question – has the process to invest with your retirement account been as easy as investing with cash?

  • 7.14.23 – Podcast Episode – Meet our Borrower: JCM Development

  • 7.11.23 – Asset Management Performance Record has been updated and can be found on the website at or on the P drive P:\INVESTMENT DEPT\Sales Materials\Performance Records

  • 7.8.23 – Penny Hoarder Email- Ignite Funding was included in the Penny Hoarder Newsletter Email sent out in July to Penny Hoarder clients. View the newsletter here.


  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 136 Reviews

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 67 Referrals 

  • Loans Funded: $42,758,600

  • New Accounts: 29

  • 6.29.23 – Podcast Episode – Why every loan might not be your cup of tea

  • 6.29.23 – Alternative Asset Investor Summit was attended by Ignite Funding. Howard Robbins gave the presentation, “Analyzing and Owning Trust Deeds” to attendees and He and Izzy Irizarry answered questions at the Ignite Funding booth over the 2 -day event.

  • 6.16.23 – Podcast Episode – Meet Our Borrower: Midway Heritage

  • 6.8.23 – Asset Management Performance Record has been updated and can be found on the website at or on the P drive P:\INVESTMENT DEPT\Sales Materials\Performance Records

  • 6.6.23 – MoneyShow was attended by Ignite Funding. Howard Robbins gave the presentation, “Trust Deeds: Stability in An Unstable Market” to attendees of this event.

  • 6.1.23 – Diversified Mortgage Expo was attended by Ignite Funding. Kate Butta represented Ignite Funding on a panel discussing “Anatomy of a Deal: What Do You Want To Do?”

  • 6.1.23 – Podcast Episode – LIVE at MoneyShow: Investor Testimonials Pt. 2



  • Client Review Campaigns YTD: 100 Reviews

  • Client Referral Campaigns: 37 Referrals

  • Loans Funded: $20,062,000

  • New Accounts: 36

  • 4.25.23 – Street Smart Success: Featured Guest Carrie Cook.  A fast-growing real estate podcast, Street Smart Success interviews successful Real Estate entrepreneurs in Multi-family, Self-Storage and Mobile Home Parks. Guests share their experience, strategies, and valuable lessons learned.

  • 4.25.23 – Papersource Note Convention: Papersource is a multi-day investor event that Howard Robbins and Izzy Irizarry will be attending as representatives of Ignite Funding.

  • 4.24.23 – The MoneyShow: The MoneyShow is hosting a multi-day virtual investor event that Ignite Funding will be attending.

    • BDE: Kate Butta
  • 4.21.23 – Client Review Campaign: Monthly emails will be sent by marketing to provide the company with a consistent influx of review. Click Here to see this months email.

  • 4.14.23 – Podcast Episode: Investing is like Sex!

  • 4.12.23 – Podcast Recap Email: March recap email sent to all clients and leads. The most clicked episode was the Colorado Housing Market Episode featuring Lokal Homes.

  • 4.10.23 – Dividend Hunter Webinar: Kate Butta represented Ignite at this event hosted by Dividend Hunter

  • 4.6.23 – Podcast Episode: Mitigating Risk for Investors




  • Podcast Stats for Deeds in the Desert (as of 1.23.23):

    • Total # of Episodes: 16
    • Total # of Listens/Plays: 1,104
    • Top Performing Educational Ep.: Trust Deeds vs. REITs (100+)
    • Top Performing New Investment Ep.: Rhino Loan #5637 (150+)
  • Client Review Campaigns: 32 Reviews

  • Client Referral Campaign: 11

  • New Money Goal: $5M Total

  • New Accounts: 23 Total | 11 Invested

  • 1.31.23 – Tax Forms Email: Clients were notified that tax forms are available on the portal. The email included the Tax Form FAQ blog and portal login tutorial to assist clients.

  • 1.28.23 – Podcast Recap Email: Monthly emails will be sent to recap new episodes posted on Deeds of the Desert to both clients and current leads. January Email

  • 1.26.23 – Hubspot Email Automation: The email communication workflow for Social Media/Digital Advertising leads has been updated to help educate leads. The goal is always to increase lead conversion by putting the most effective, engaging content in front of them.

    Outline of the Workflow

    1. Thank You for Your Recent Interest in Trust Deed Investments
    2. Passive Income it just One Click Away – Here’s How it Works
    3. Recession Proof Real Estate Investments – What’s the Catch?
    4. How Do Other Real Estate Investments Compare to Trust Deeds?
    5. We Compete with Banks to get You 10% to 12% Returns – Here’s How
    6. There’s More than One Way to Invest in Trust Deeds
  • 1.26.23 – New Blog: Why Borrowers & Investors Choose Ignite Funding was posted to help educate clients and leads about how private lenders like us are competitive with bank financing.

  • 1.26.22 – Podcast Episode: Default Strategies: The Value of Proactive Loan Servicing featuring President Cook and DOU Vassar.

  • 1.25.23 – The MoneyShow: The MoneyShow is hosting a multi-day virtual investor event that Ignite Funding will be attending & presenting a webinar. The marketing department prepared the virtual booth and will aid the BDE with post-event follow-up via targeted email.

  • 1.22.23 – Branded Content Campaign: Ignite is engaging in its 4th annual branded content campaign with the Las Vegas Review Journal. The RJ has been a successful advertising outlet to market to and convert local clients. This campaign will include monthly digital articles sponsored on their website and weekly print advertorials posted every Sunday from now through June.

    • Print advertorial release dates 1.22.23 & 1.29.23: Proof Copy
  • 1.20.23 – New Email Automation: For clients that are rolled-off from the BDE’s to Client Services, they will automatically receive an email via Hubspot for a seamless transition.

  • 1.19.23 – Podcast Episode: 3 Reasons Why Real Estate Borrowers Choose Ignite Funding with DOU Pat Vassar

  • 1.19.23 – New Website Page: A dedicated Client Services page was created to implement into our communication with clients. It’s under the Investor Relations tab and included in several email communications throughout the client journey.

  • 1.18.23 – New Email: A new email was added to the New Client Email workflows to introduce & encourage new clients to follow us on our social platforms.

  • 1.17.23 – Client Review Campaign: Monthly emails will be sent by marketing to provide the company with a consistent influx of review. Click Here to see this months email.

  • 1.13.23 – Updated Blog: Tax Time FAQ: What to Expect from Trust Deed Investments was updated to reflect the release dates of 2022 tax forms. An email will be sent to clients on this date to help mitigate client questions that can be answered in this blog.

  • 1.12.23 – Podcast Episode: Quarter 4 Recap and Available Investments with DOU Pat Vassar

  • 1.10.23 – Internal Hosted Event: When BDE reps do not have an external/3rd party run event for the month, internal virtual events/webinars will be hosted to aid existing & old lead conversion.

  • 1.6.23 – Email Signature Banners: Per a new marketing initiative to drive client & lead traffic to the website, podcasts, text opt-in, available investments, etc. These will be refreshed quarterly and will also be implemented on Salesforce email templates.

  • 1.6.23 – Email Campaign: The marketing dept. is working to help re-engage foreign investors located in Canada that may not have thought it was possible to invest with us. If you encounter foreign investors interested in Ignite, please refer to the Chief Compliance Officer for direction as not all foreign investors fall under the same policies/regulations.

  • 1.5.23 – Podcast Episode: Recession Proof Real Estate: Medical Facilities and Storage Units ft. President Cook & DOU Vassar. To combat economic Armageddon headlines, we shared with clients & leads insight into what Ignite continues to do to mitigate risk on investments and what they have to look forward to as far as the type of projects they will see coming down the pipeline.