Our Pledge to our Investors

Ignite Funding believes strongly in transparency to our Investors, which is why every year we release our Loan Portfolio Performance Record with supporting data. The information contained within the Performance Record includes the following statistics; number of Borrowers, aggregate number of loans and amount funded, loan type by percentage, average annual interest rate paid to Investors, aggregate loan-to-value ratio, average duration of loan terms.

2011 – End of Q1 2024 Loan Portfolio Performance Record

Acquisition Loans***

55% Residential
45% Commercial
82 Borrowers****
$982,343,100 Total amount funded
636 Loans funded
10.38% Average annualized interest rate to investors*
60.90% Avg Loan to Value**
11.44 Avg duration of loan term (months)
$100,794,628 Income Paid to Investors

Development Loans

82% Residential
18% Commercial
24 Borrowers****
$617,179,050 Total amount funded
227 Loans funded
10.17% Average annualized interest rate to investors*
67.17% Avg Loan to Value**
9 Avg duration of loan term (months)
$41,409,293 Income Paid to Investors

Construction Loans

65% Residential
35% Commercial
35 Borrowers****
$365,763,400 Total amount funded
476 Loans funded
10.27% Average annualized interest rate to investors*
69.29% Avg Loan to Value**
8.45 Avg duration of loan term (months)
$26,376,908 Income Paid to Investors

Total Loans Funded by Year


Commercial vs. Residential Fundings By Year


Average Duration of Loans By Loan Type

Residential and Commercial Borrowing Rates

Information reflected above is for loans funded in 2011 through Q1 of 2024. *Average annualized interest rate to investors is based upon the annualized interest rate received by investor(s) is dependent upon the payoff before maturity or extension of the loan term. Some loans may payoff before the loan terms which would decrease the duration of the loan, and others may have extensions available that could increase the duration of the loan. **Loan to Value is determined by an appraisal, Broker Price Opinion (BPO), or the valuation provided by the County Assessor’s Office. Loans with an appraisal wavier are not included. *** An acquisition loan includes raw land and/or an existing structure. ****Number of borrowers calculated uniquely by point of contact per segment.

Our Pledge to our Investors

Ignite Funding facilitates the role of Default Coordinator when a borrower defaults on a loan, and the property needs to be taken back through foreclosure or a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Upon completion of a foreclosure or execution of a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure the investors transition from a Lender to an Owner of a Real Estate Owned (REO) asset.

Likewise Ignite Funding’s role changes from Loan Servicer to Asset Manager for the property. In this role, Ignite Funding coordinates ownership responsibilities on behalf of the investors and markets the asset for sale. Our top priority is protecting our investors principal investment. We take great pride in the assets we underwrite and offer as investments. We also recognize the risk of the investment and the trust our investors place in us when a borrower goes into default. We encourage our Investors to review the materials below to have a clear understanding about the default/foreclosure process, should a Borrower default on a loan.

**2011-2024 Asset Management Performance Record**