Ignite Funding acts as the loan servicing agent for Trust Deed investments, which includes, among other items, keeping current and accurate records on all loans and Borrowers, tracking and processing payments, and if necessary, handling foreclosure proceedings.

Loan Servicing Department

Our customer loan services do not stop after you place money on an investment at Ignite Funding. After an investment has recorded, the Ignite Funding Loan Servicing Department will address any questions you may have in relation to monthly interest payments, account statements, and other payment-related matters.

An Investment Representative or a member of the Investor Relations team will maintain active communications with you regarding investment payoffs and new opportunities as they become available.

Online Notaries

Online Notarization makes getting a notary easy and is available 24/7 by computer, tablet, or smartphone for a fee. Ignite Funding has worked with the following providers or you can use your own provider.

OnlineNotary.net provides investors with an affordable and convenient online notary option. The following link will allow you to upload your document. Once the process is complete the notarized document is forwarded to Ignite Funding by OnlineNotary.net. You will not get a copy; however, if you would like a copy you may request one from Ignite Funding. To book an appointment, click here.

According to investopedia (https://www.investopedia.com/best-online-notary-services-5085059) the following notaries are the best:

Ignite Funding offers investors the ability to electronically sign investment documents. You will receive an email from “Docs Ignite Funding” (echosign@echosign.com) containing the links to electronically sign your loan documents. For security purposes, these links EXPIRE 72 HOURS from the time they hit your inbox.

Investor Forms

For the ease and convenience of Investors at Ignite Funding, here are some common investor forms that you may need.