Ignite Funding offers real estate investments backed by collateral – you are the bank, earning monthly income for the use of your investment dollars. More specifically we provide an alternative investment option that matches quality real estate Borrowers with Investors seeking capital preservation in collateralized turn-key real estate investments, while earning a 10% to 12% annualized return.

Founded in 1995, Ignite Funding has evolved with the changing real estate landscape. Our original business model began as a traditional home mortgage lender providing lending to home buyers. The demand for lending from homebuilders and developers reshaped our business in 2011. Since that time, Ignite Funding has funded over a Billion in loans with Investor capital.

As the landscape of bank financing changed for home buyers, it has for the homebuilders and developers as well. Ignite Funding is well respected throughout the western United States as a reliable resource for lending. When banks are not lending, Ignite Funding is. We pride ourselves in working with a handful of Borrowers with a proven track record. We follow a strict underwriting process when evaluating our loans before they are presented to our Investors on a matrix that includes, but is not limited to; location, market conditions, various valuation methodologies, Borrower track record and financial condition, and exit strategy. These projects can include the acquisition of land, development, construction of residential and commercial properties, and the refinancing of the before-mentioned.

As a non-depository credit institution, Ignite Funding differs from crowdfunding models as we have a collateralized investment. As a licensed mortgage broker, Ignite Funding provides investors with a way to diversify their investment portfolio in Deeds of Trust. A Trust Deed Investment is a Promissory Note secured by a Deed of Trust recorded on real property. The Borrower executes the Promissory Note payable to the Investor(s) with the intent to pay the Investor(s) a certain interest rate on the loaned money, plus repay the principal amount within a specified timeframe. Investors are recorded as beneficiaries to the property in the event the Borrower defaults on their loan obligation and loses its claim to the property through foreclosure. As a beneficiary to the property you are investing in a collateralized real estate investment, with a moderate risk factor.

Experience Ignite Funding for Yourself

At Ignite Funding we work as a team to ensure you experience the same level of professionalism throughout the entire process. We do not believe in outsourcing. The loan underwriting and origination, capital fundraising, loan servicing, investor relations, tax reporting and statements, foreclosure process (if required), property management and sale of property are all conducted by us. You will never be passed on to someone else.

Your introduction to Trust Deed investing will begin with a conversation with a licensed professional that will explain the investment type, procedures, and suitability requirements.  Further conversations will include selecting an investment, the understanding and compliance of documentation to secure your collateralized investment, and your rights as an owner. Funds will then be transferred to a trust account at Ignite Funding until which time all Investor funds are gathered to fund the loan, which is then transferred to an escrow account with a title company to complete the transaction. Upon the completion of the transaction you will receive a copy of the recorded Deed of Trust, executed Promissory Note, and Title and insurance policy.

After the transaction is completed you will receive monthly interest payments, access to view your monthly online statement or request to receive by mail, and continuous communication updates on your current investment(s) and future investment opportunities.

Ultimately, it is the goal of Ignite Funding to provide an investment vehicle for you to build upon your financial future.

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