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  • 12/30/20 –  We hit an annual account milestone! On 12/30/20 we opened our 300th new account! Way to close out 2020!

  • Website visits for the month – 3,195

  • 12/22/20 – New Video: “Fast-Track Your Bottom-Line with Trust Deeds” was created to help market toward the more sophisticated, accredited investor. This will be used for digital ads as well as for virtual events specific to accredited investors.

  • 12/21/20 – New Video: A short informational video was created to educate new leads and clients about the 5 different ways they can diversify their real estate investments through Trust Deeds.

  • 12/15/20 – Press Release: Ignite Funding received Gold in two categories in Las Vegas Review Journals Best of Las Vegas competition: Best Real Estate Investment Firm and Best Commercial Real Estate Broker. Congratulations & thank you for all the hard work that got us here!

  • 12/15/20 – New Marketing Tool: A “press media kit” has been created to help generate outside marketing for Ignite Funding. If anyone expresses interest in featuring the company in their publication please send them this kit and refer them to the marketing team.

  • 12/14/20 – Client Survey: A survey was sent to clients only investing at Ignite with a cash account to gauge their knowledge of SDIRAs and if they would be interested in investing with qualified funds. This information will be used to cross-market investing with different accounts.

  • 12/07/2020 – Regional Advertising Campaign: Targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite and a local project.

    • Santa Fe New Mexican ENewsletter content strip ad starting Dec. 7th, running for two weeks.
    • Albuquerque Business Journal Email Blast scheduled to send the morning of Dec. 8th.
  • 12/02/20 – LVRJ Campaign: A six month marketing campaign has begun with the Las Vegas Review Journal. This month will include the following marketing initiatives to continue branding in Vegas and capture nationwide attention:


  • We hit an annual account milestone! – On 11/10/2020, our 250th New Account for the year was opened! Keep’em coming!

  • Website visits for the Month – 3,017

  • 11/24/2020 – New Video Ad: “Trust Deeds: The Real Estate Investment Made for Your Retirement Account” is a short clip explaining the pros of investing in Trust Deeds with an IRA. This will be on the website and used for ads through various channels. Share with your clients that only have cash accounts!

  • 11/19/2020 – New Blog: “Valuation Methodologies: Evaluating An Asset Our Way” educates current clients and leads about the different ways we can valuate property and clarifies why we often ask for appraisal waivers.

  • 11/17/20 – Holiday Ads: New ads were created to help get leads in the holiday and investment spirit.

  • 11/16/20 – AAPL Event: Your marketing team attended the annual AAPL event in Las Vegas to represent Ignite Funding at this modified event to educate attendees about TD investing.

  • 11/09/20 – Website Update: The “Invest with an IRA” page has been updated to reflect the 6 SDIRA custodians that Ignite will work with moving forward.

  • 11/05/2020 – Dual Zoom Virtual Events: Virtual events were initiated by marketing to fill the Event void that has been created by the pandemic. Two Separate events were hosted by Dawn & Colby. Who will be the first to open an account and lock-in their investment?!


  • Website visits for the Month – 1,544

  • 10/28/20 – Website Update: The “Meet Our Borrowers” page has been updated.

    • Tailor Built and Caldwell profiles have been removed (clients can still view the default portal under “Loan Default Portal” on the Investor Loan Services page:
    • A Stable Development profile has been added.
  • 10/20/20 – Internal Education: ***FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY***  If you have any potential prospects from Canada, please refer to the requirements we have detailed in the below document. It can also be found on the P drive at P:\INVESTMENT DEPT\Sales Materials.

  • 10/15/20 – New Blog: Let your clients and prospects know how they will be able to diversify their portfolios with a new asset type – Apartment Conversions – with our blog “From Old to New: Why Apartment Conversions are Taking the Market by Storm“.

  • 10/13/2020 – Event: Virtual MoneyShow hosted by Howard Robbins at 7:40AM PST.

    • Attendees were able to listen to Howard’s seminar on TD’s followed by Q&A; and were able to review content such as the “8 Steps to TD Investing”, “5 Misconceptions”, “TDs vs REITs”, and the Press Release featuring our INC 5000 Achievement.
  • 10/6/20 – Think Realty ad and article: Hard Money Lender Moves in on Hot Phoenix Market. Link to October issue can be found here.

  • 10/5/20 – Ignite New Ad Images : Showing some holiday spirit

  • 10/1/20 – PTC Holiday Promotion: Preferred Trust is running a Halloween Sale – open a new account (rollover, transfer, brand new) and they will waive the establishment fee and 1st year admin fee!

    • Applications MUST be received between the 1st and 30th of October – Applications submitted prior to this timeframe WILL NOT be eligible for this offer.
    • Reach out to Izzy or Tiffany at PTC if you have additional questions

    Preferred Trust- Halloween dracula -final – Click the link, on the new page right click and select “save image”, choose the folder you want to save it to, now it’s easy to share!

  • 10/01/20 – Regional Advertising Campaign: Targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite.

    • Commercial Executive Magazine weekly newsletter ad running as of Oct. 1st
    • Solo Email Blast will be sent out on Oct. 27th


  • Website visits for the Month – 2,469

  • We hit a new milestone! – On 09/21/20, we had over 250 clients opt-in for text notifications via Trumpia. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!

  • We hit an annual account milestone! – On 09/03/20, our 200th New Account for the year was opened! Keep’em coming!

  • 09/30/20 – Email Templates: The email templates in Classic have all been transferred over to Lightning. Additional templates, labeled IF Generic – , have been included to help aid you in promptness and with providing consistent information to your prospects and clients.

  • 9/25/20 – Project Newsletter: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY – further detail (location, featured tenants, demographics, etc.) on the new project in Milledgeville, GA with GGD Oakdale Loan #4798.

  • 9/22/20 – Repurposed Content: We have created a new one-sheet to showcase our INC 5000 placement.

  • 9/16/20 – Zoom Virtual Event: Virtual events were initiated by marketing to fill the Event void that has been created by the pandemic. This event was hosted by Bill.

  • 9/10/20 – Email Ad Campaign: Today a targeted email blast was sent to Think Realty subscribers.

    • Target Demographics/Criteria: RE investors, all 50 states, past Think Realty event attendees, opted-in subscribers.
    • Click the link to see the email content: Think Realty E-Blast
  • 9/9/20 – New Ad Image: Showing some local support with a cool graphic. It’s Knight Time!!

  • 9/4/20 – New Video: Misty & Pat clear the air on some investor FAQs on certain portions of the loan documents they fill-out, as well as the timing of when they should expect to receive their copies of the Deed, Title, etc. Link here.

  • 9/9/20 – New Ad Campaign: The below ad will be featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s edition promoting the Raider’s Inaugural Season. We are offering new investors a 1% increase on interest for their first investment if they open an account within 5 days of a Raider win (Vegas locals exclusive).

  • 9/1/20 – Vote for Best of Las Vegas!: We have been nominated for the following categories: Real Estate Company, Real Estate Investment Firm, and Wealth Management. Help us win the Gold this year by doing the following:


  • Website visits for the Month – 2,738

  • New Record! – On 08/18/20, the Sales & LP teams set a new record for most accounts opened in a single day, 7 accounts total. Go team!

  • 8/27/20 – Regional Advertising Campaign: Targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite in cohesion with an upcoming loan in that community.

    • The Enterprise (UT Business Journal) website ad running for 1 month and newsletter ads issued 8/31 and 9/14.
    • The Deseret News – newsletter ad running for 1 month, issued each week on Monday starting 8/31.


  • 8/26/20 – New Video: A new video was posted on our channel showing the location for Loan #4796 Midway Heritage Development, LLC. Link here.

  • 8/26/20 – Website Update: Team Bio’s have been updated for those that requested changes. If you would like a new photo taken, make sure you are in the office on September 15th.

  • 8/20/20 – Salesforce Update: A new field, “Verified Reviewer”, was added to help keep track of clients that have left a review on at least one platform (BBB, Facebook, Google or Yelp). If the box is unchecked, be sure to encourage a review and remind them they will get a gift card per review!

  • 8/19/20 – New Blog: “Voucher Control: Why Do Lenders Use It?” has been posted on the website and on our social media (facebook, linkedin, twitter). Link here.

  • 8/17/20 – Regional Advertising Campaign: Targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite in cohesion with an upcoming loan in that community.

    • Grand Rapids Business Journal in Michigan for the Jackson Mall, GGD Oakdale Loan #4791. Ads featured on website (Aug. 17th, 24th & 31st), ads ft. in their RE eNewsletter (Aug. 20th), and a target email blast (Aug. 25th).
    • Target Demographics/Criteria: 100mi radius of Jackson, age 35 yr to 70 yr, household income $70k+.

    Click here to see GRBJ E-Blast

  • 8/12/20 – New Press Release: “Ignite Funding Finds its Place in INC 5000” announces that INC 5000 ranked us as number 4,928 fastest growing, privately owned company. This was emailed to clients on 08/13/20. Link to our website blog, Market Watch/Seeking Alpha/Yahoo Finance. There is also a new banner on the homepage of the website, #1 in the rotation.

  • 8/10/20 – New Video Ad: This 30sec video commercial was created for OTT advertising initiatives on platforms such as Hulu, Amazon, etc. Link here. *Creative uses for you could be to ad this to your email signature for leads.*

  • 8/7/20 – Asset Management Performance Record has been updated and posted to the website. Link here.

  • 8/6/20 – Zoom Virtual Event: Virtual events were initiated by marketing to fill the Event void that has been created by the pandemic. This event was hosted by Colby.

  • 8/5/20 – New Blog Post: “Keep Vegas Strong: Invest in Your Community” features our commercial, and will be used for digital advertising that targets LV specifically. Link here.

  • 8/5/20 – Updated Forms: The E-Sign Tutorial PDF has been updated and posted on the website under Investor Forms, it’s on the P:Drive in the Sales Materials folder, and it’s been linked in the new account email templates in Salesforce.

  • 8/4/20 – Mid-Year I-Management Meeting: We recapped what our 2020 goals are and where we stand in reaching them, gave some insight into PTC procedures and how we work together, and gave some insight into IF and PTC’s history. The PowerPoint presentation is linked here: Final_2020 – Mid-year Marketing Presentation 8.3.20.

  • 8/3/20 – Regional Advertising Campaign: Targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite in cohesion with an upcoming loan in that community.

    • Colorado Springs Business Journal: social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), 1 targeted email blast



  • Website Visits for the Month – 3,097

  • Marketing Campaign Results Update: LV Review Journal sponsored content series from earlier this year surpassed $1M in new money.

  • 7/28/20 – Zoom Virtual Event: First of many virtual events initiated by marketing to fill the Event void that has been created by the pandemic. First event was hosted by Dawn.

  • 7/28/20 – New Video: KD Commerce Q&A video. Share ONLY with clients on these loans, with this link to the video or by directing them to the Default Portal, with password “Commerce” (case sensitive).

  • 7/27/20 Content Views/Traffic: “Who likes Fees? Investors Pay Zero Fees at Ignite Funding” surpassed 500 views

  • 7/17/20 – Updated How-To Video: How to Login to Your Account Online – share the link available here or the one on our website.

  • 7/16/20 – Anonymous Company Survey: We asked you for your candid response to what you want to see and learn more about at our upcoming I-Management Bi-Annual Meeting on August 4th.

  • 7/14/20 – Online Notary Procedure Guidelines: An official PDF was created to share with investors detailing the requirements & procedures to “pre-qualify” themselves before signing up for the online notary service. PDF link here or on our website.

  • 7/13/20 – New Email Templates uploaded to SalesForce: created for new accounts (Cash, PTC, and other SDIRA) to walk them through completing investment paperwork, including a separate template for post-investment info.

  • 7/2/20 – Press Release posted on PRNewswire: Hard Money Lender Combats Common Industry Misconceptions – you can share the original link here, or the one on our website, or on yahoo finance/marketwatch/seeking alpha.


  • Website Visits for the Month – 6,539

  • 6/29/20 – Whitepaper Updated: The 5 Misconceptions Whitepaper has been updated with “bonus” content. If your leads seem to fall prey to these misconceptions, be sure to share our WP here: 5 Misconceptions white paper with Bonus Content-6.26.20.

  • 6/29/20 – Site Update Video: The Herbert, LLC Loan #4736. Video link here.

  • 6/26/20 – New Video: Nevada Projects video update posted to our YouTube channel. Share the link with clients & prospects.

  • 6/15/20 – Press Release on PRNewswire: Approaching $1 Billion Funded – you can share the original link here, the link on our website here,

  • 6/15/20 – Website Update: Investor Testimonials have been updated with more current reviews. Share with leads with this link.

  • 6/11/20 – Event: Among closures and cancellations, Money Show transitioned seamlessly into a virtual event – presenter BDE was Colby.

  • 6/11/20 – New Blog: Underwriting: Beaking Down the Basics – share the link with leads and clients here.

  • Colorado Media Campaign: This is the first of many campaigns targeting specific regional markets to advertise Ignite in cohesion with an upcoming loan in that community.

    • Denver News: 1 targeted email blast, Facebook social posts, targeted display ads.
    • Colorado Springs Business Journal: social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), 1 targeted email blast.


  • 6/3/20 – CBS Commercial: Our first commercial aired on CBS Channel 8 and Cox channel 129, targeting  the Las Vegas valley specifically.


  • Website Visits for the Month – 4,793

  • 5/29/20 – Site Update Video: Rhino Holdings Nampa Loan ft. Pat’s commentary #4647. Video link here.

  • 5/22/20 – Sponsored Content Series: Part #6 of series published in LV Review Journal – “Understanding Compounding Interest from a Real Estate Perspective”. Link here.

  • 5/19/20 – New Ads: We created 3 new ads to generate new leads online.


  • 5/15/20 Website Update: Under the “Educational Center” tab, “Webinars” was updated to “YouTube Videos” and the layout of the page was redesigned to feature more videos for ease of sharing with clients & prospects. Link here.

  • 5/14/20 – Website Update: Borrower stats (the # of loans and amount funded) were update for the following borrowers on the “Meet our Borrowers” page. Link here.

    • Blue Heron, Edward Homes (Brock Metzka), FIG, and Lokal Homes
  • 5/6/20 – Email Blast: An email blast was sent to Think Realty subscribers to try to capture new leads.

  • 5/4/20 Content Views/Traffic: “Trust Deeds: A Real Estate Investment for All Investors” surpassed 500 views

  • 5/6/20 – New Educational Video: Trust Deed Investing: How it Works at Ignite Funding was published on our YouTube channel and is featured on the website tab for videos. Link here.


  • Website Visits for the Month – 4,439

  • 4/1/2020 – Sponsored Content Series: Part #5 of series with LV Review Journal – “We Are the Real Deal: Ignite Funding Paid-Out 10.8 Million to Investors in 2019”. Link here.


  • Website Visits for the Month – 4,731

  • 3/31/20 – Site Update Video: For our Arizona properties. Link here.

  • 3/12/20 – New Educational Video: Real Estate Investing for Savvy Business Owners: Make Your Money Work for You. Link here.

  • 3/9/20 – New Blog Post: 4 Reasons Why a Business Should Invest in Trust Deeds. Link here.

  • 3/5/20 – New Blog Post: Forbearance Agreements: Keep Calm and Carry On. It’s important that investors understand what we are already familiar with in some of Ignite’s lending strategies. Share this information with potential & current clients, link here.

  • 3/3/20 – Sponsored Content Series: Part #4 of series with LV Review Journal – “5 Misconceptions of Trust Deed Investing”. Link here.

  • 3/1/20 –  Awards/Recognition: Carrie Cook was recognized as one of 2020 Women to Watch! Read the Q & A here!


  • Website Visits for the Month – 2,357

  • Keeping Clients in the Loop: Over 200 clients have signed up for text notifications via Trumpia.

  • 2/29/20 – Event: Epoch Times hosted by Izzy & Dawn in California.

  • 2/27-28/20 – Event: Noteworthy event attended by Izzy, Carrie and Colby in California.

  • 2/12/20 – Site Update Video: On foreclosed TBH properties #4466, #4485, #4499, and #4500. Link here.

  • 2/12/20 – Site Update Video: Nevada properties visited in Quarter 1. Link here.

  • 2/5/20 – New Blog Post: What Are Your Investment Goals for 2020? Link here. A thought provoking piece for both potential & current clients.

  • 2/3/20 – Glass Panel Update:


  • Website Visits for the Month – 2,090

  • Investor Reviews: We reached 50 positive reviews on Google

  • Subscribers: We surpassed 100 subscribers on the IF YouTube channel.

  • 1/30/20 – Sponsored Content Series: Part #3 of series with LV Review Journal – “Trust Deeds vs. Mortgages: What’s the Big Difference?”. Link here.

  • 1/29/20 – 2019 Recap & Management/2020 Kick-off Mtg: We reviewed what we accomplished in 2019, what needs improvement, and what our goals are for 2020. We are a kick-ass team! We can accomplish anything we put our minds to, let’s do this!

  • 1/29/20 – New Blog Posted: Tax Time FAQs: What to Expect from Ignite Funding in 2020. Link here.

  • 1/21/20 – New Ad Video: Investing in Healthcare Real Estate has Never Been this Easy created to help push our assisted living/healthcare projects. Link here.