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On the recommendation of a friend, I first tried to enter the investment horizon of Ignite Funding, LLC in early 2019. Because this is my first time, because I don’t know the company’s qualifications and reputation, the initial investment amount is small. As the investment process progressed, the facts proved that my investment return was very punctual and reliable, which made me feel the company’s good qualifications and reputation. Therefore, in the past year and a half, I continued to invest in multiple projects. I recommend this very trustworthy investment company Ignite Funding, LLC.

Ruokui Z., | BBB | 8.23.2020

This company is the REAL DEAL. It is honest, cares about it’s clients, and offers up well vetted borrowers. They stay on top of our “loaned out capital” and so far has always, each deal has ended with a positive outcome for me. I highly recommend this company so you can count on a positive return on your hard earned money.

Debra S. , | BBB | 8.18.2020

My family has been with Ignite Funding for at least 5 years and have not been disappointed in with our investments. We will continue to be a loyal customer in the future.

Eric L., | BBB | 8.18.2020

The past couple of years I have invested with Ignite Funding and I have been very pleased with their superb investment model and their professional and outstanding staff. My point of contact at Ignite Funding is (…). My Investment Representative has been extremely helpful with providing me the necessary information in order for me to adequately learn about each investment and answer all my questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend Ignite Funding if you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio.

AK Wong, | Google | 1.01.2020
I am on my second trust deed investment with Ignite Funding and my experience has been very positive. My investment agent has been very patient and helpful and has been very thorough in answering all of my ad-nausea questions. Ignite is an excellent way to put some of your savings to work outside of stocks and owning physical real estate. I am in the process of selling my only rental house, and had I learned about Ignite earlier, I would have never bought the house and would have invested with them instead. The monthly returns would be about the same dollar per dollar. I will continue to invest with Ignite for a very long time and I appreciate what they have done for me. They came highly recommended to me by a good friend with tons of integrity, and I have no trouble recommending them as well to anyone.
Davis M., | Google | 8.24.2020

Working with my Investment Representative has been a great experience. She has been so informative and patient with me. I love how everything has been explained in detail. So with that said I invested with Ignite because it is a good company. I believe I will have a great relationship with them for years to come.

Kathy B, | Facebook | 12.11.2019

If you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio and receiving monthly interest payments directly into your personal savings/checking accounts, I recommend that you speak to either (…) or (…) at Ignite Funding. For the past several years, I have invested with Ignite Funding and I have experienced outstanding customer service from these two professionals and very positive results with my investments. Thank you to my Investment Rep and Loan Processing for all your great work and superb financial service!

M Bam Bam, | Facebook | 3.03.2020

A friend introduced us to Ignite. We joined cautiously at first and grew to trust their successful business model and their integrity in conducting business. We continue to invest through Ignite.

Siji L., | Facebook | 8.19.2020