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I have been working with  Ignite Funding for at least 6 months now and it has been nothing but stellar. My Business Development Executive is a great advocate and supporter of the client choosing the right investment opportunities for themselves. She always responds to any requests and is very proficient in her job duties. I highly recommend them.

Igor M.

My wife and I have been customers of Ignite Funding for several years. In our opinion, they work very hard at providing us great investment opportunities. They watch our accounts for times when we have available cash, and promptly contact us with great opportunities. We have repeatedly rolled our money back into different investments, we are kept diversified so as to minimize risk. We are very pleased with our returns.

Randall K.

I highly recommend Ignite Funding as an alternative investment vehicle. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and informative regarding the various companies that Ignite Funding offers its investors as investment opportunities.

Marie B.

Your detailed guidance and willingness to spend beyond requisite time to explain investments has been nothing less than professional; and for us profitable. You truly care for your investors and it shows. You have continually recommended cash-flow-profitable ways for us to invest our self-directed IRA. I personally can not thank you enough.

James & Diane K.

I first started working with Ignite back in about 2013. They are great! I consider my Investment Agent a great friend. She is very knowledgeable about Trust Deeds. This was a new and profitable component to my retirement portfolio. I consider my Investment Agent an expert in this area of investing and would recommend her to anyone.

Sue C.

My Investment Agent at Ignite has shown to be not only a great friend but a person with great knowledge , experience and integrity. One gets the feeling if you’re not comfortable with the deal, then my agent isn’t comfortable. She has always taken the time to answer questions and explain things. Not very often do I do recommendations but this gal gets an A+.

Dave S.

I have been so impressed with Ignite’s professionalism and potential returns, I have already started talking to a coworker about Ignite Funding and the advantages of working with you.

Ed D.

“I’m so impressed [with E-Sign Documents]! Thank you to Ignite Funding!! That was so simple. Took 5 minutes or less. Saved all that paper and ink, too. All of your investors should take advantage of your new system.”

Donna H.

“Incorporating real estate into my portfolio was a no brainer once I learned about Ignite Funding and did my due diligence. I’ve now made trust deeds an integral part of my investment strategy. The professionalism, integrity and attention to detail that Carrie Cook’s team operates by made all the difference. Suffice it to say, I am very pleased with my returns.”

Diane S.

Both my IRA and my wife’s IRA simply were not growing at the rates we needed in order to meet our retirement goals. We’ve invested in 8 loans with Ignite over the last year and our interest is sent to our IRAs like clockwork every single month. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Doug & Mary L.

We tell everyone about Trust Deed investing. Ignite Funding offers an attractive option for investors looking for higher returns in a fully collateralized, professionally managed investment vehicle.

Gregory & Georgiana M.