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I’ve been with Ignite Funding for more than five years and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in terms of investing. I use my self-directed IRA with Preferred Trust Company. I work with my Investment Representative from Ignite Funding who is very professional and knowledgeable as well as the other employees in other departments. I get answers to my questions right away. I have more than 20 loans at the moment and interests are paid in a timely manner. I’m grateful to have them.

Josefina B., | BBB | 05.24.2021

I have been with Ignite Funding since 2017 and invested a significant amount of money with them. I was referred to Ignite Funding by a friend who I fully trust on investment issues but still conducted my due diligence and educated myself before investing. I talked with my Investment Representative at Ignite Funding many times and not one time did she ever suggest that I start investing. Once I felt comfortable, I began investing and my Investment Representative understands my goals and strategy. I recently opened a self-directed IRA account and she assisted me on education, paperwork and my strategy to build future income. Again, my Investment Rep never suggested that I open the account, how to invest or what to invest my money into. Ignite Funding is not that type of company and will never be. I have referred two people to Ignite Funding, and my Investment Rep has given them both the exact service that I have received. Excellent Company and 5 Stars!!

Mark D L., | BBB | 04.20.2021

Ignite Funding was great to work with. This was my first time doing this kind of investment, but they answered every question and walked me through the process as you would expect for a new investor. I worked with my Investment Representative and she kept on top of things even during the pandemic shut down. My return was far better than leaving money in the bank. They’ve earned my trust and I believe I’ll do further investing through them.

Christine S., | BBB | 04.19.2021

My family and friends have been investing with Ignite Funding since May 2019. We are now invested in about 15 loans, including those in our retirement accounts. My Investment Representative and the Loan Processing staff are terrific. I like the power to choose the loans in which we invest…not like many other firms where you give them $$$ and they choose the loans in which to invest on your behalf. Around the 15th of each month interest income is direct deposited into our bank accounts. There have been no delinquencies, even during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Investing in a loan is so easy…sign documents online, have one document notarized and deposit the funds into Ignite’s account at Bank of America. When loans are paid off, my Investment Representative and/or the Loan Processing dept alerts us so that we may roll-over the funds into another loan. This proactive approach minimizes the time our money is not earning interest.

Charles Y., | Google | 05.24.2021

I have now been with IGNITE for a year and been a very demanding investor wanting details about each investment beyond “the normal”. I was in many ways testing Ignite Funding to the limits. I always get answers the same day from my Investment Representative or the Client Service team and with a courtesy that is unreal.
The last 10 years I did secured construction loan financing by myself. It was always a significant effort to follow up on all the details of my projects. Usually, I would have to make several requests and the responses were usually very short, incomplete and impersonal.
I am now committed to investing with IGNITE for the future and especially appreciate the easy way I can diversify my funds to different parts of the country.

Gunnar H., | Google | 05.07.2021
I have been investing with Ignite Funding since late 2017, and my experience has been very positive. I am very pleased with the return and will continue to do so as part of my retirement income package.
I have been working with my Investment Representative who has been very patient and helpful in answering all my questions, sometimes even during weekends. I have referred several relatives and friends; they are also very satisfied in working with my Rep.
Maggie W., | Google | 05.07.2021

I am just getting started. I sent my first investment this week. My Investment Representatives are knowledgeable, informed and very helpful as I took baby steps to engage this project. I should start seeing monthly returns, so I will know more as time goes on.

Kim H., | Facebook | 04.23.2021

I have found Ignite Funding and my Investment Representative to be a great resource in my investment plan. They have been very professional in all my dealings with them, especially with communication, follow up, and thoroughness. I am very happy we have been able to consistently earn 10% on our investment with them.

Jon T., | Facebook | 03.15.2021

Ignite offers excellent customer service and passive income products that perform well even when the markets are crazy. I’ve been investing with them for 10 years!

Carol K., | Facebook | 02.22.2021