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For the ten plus years investing with Ignite Funding, I have been extremely satisfied with there investment product. There have been some issues, but a phone call has quickly resolved them. It is enjoyable to talk with a real person who takes personal interest in the conversation and has the knowledge to resolve and or explain the situation. They have always delivered as promised. Business decisions and procedures where easily modified to maintain completion of procedures even with COVID.

Hans I., | BBB | 02.22.2021

Ignite funding has been an excellent choice for us since 2013. the 10% interest, the short time it’s tied up (18 months) and IF (we haven’t yet) the loan gets defaulted we have a piece of a property that Ignite Funding resales for you. There’s no down side. If you have $10,000 or more in your bank account, you need to sign up with Ignite Funding!

Mary N., | BBB | 02.22.2021

I am a new customer, having purchased investments in two of Ignite’s loans during December 2020. I subsequently received the initial interest payments in mid January, and I monitor my balances and activity on Ignite’s website. I became familiar with Ignite through a webinar on The MoneyShow Virtual Expo. I have prior banking experience, and was familiar with loans secured by deeds of trust. Ignite’s rep was professional, and able to answer all of my questions. He was also patient, as I wanted to fully evaluate the company, management, and products before investing with the company. My experience with Ignite has been excellent, and I look forward to closing additional transactions in the future.

James B., | BBB | 02.02.2021

I have been investing with Ignite Funding for many years, I have never had a bad experience. On the few occasions that there has been a problem with an investment, the team at Ignite work directly until the issue is resolved. One of the things I like most is that everything is handled internally, from investment and investor vetting all the way thru to fund control.

Bob B., | Google | 9.23.2020

The past couple of years I have invested with Ignite Funding and I have been very pleased with their superb investment model and their professional and outstanding staff. My point of contact at Ignite Funding is (…). My Investment Representative has been extremely helpful with providing me the necessary information in order for me to adequately learn about each investment and answer all my questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend Ignite Funding if you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio.

AK Wong, | Google | 1.01.2020
I have been doing investments with IGNITE since October of 2016. They are truly amazing and are a key to me being able to retire from my job ! I love their professionalism and responsiveness.
Dallas K., | Google | 11.14.2020

I have had much success in investing with ignite funding. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to earn at least 10% on their investments!

Sue M., | Facebook | 02.22.2021

Ignite offers excellent customer service and passive income products that perform well even when the markets are crazy. I’ve been investing with them for 10 years!

Carol K., | Facebook | 02.22.2021

Ignite has been a major assisting factor leading me towards positive returns on my investments tied to real estate.

Jason J., | Facebook | 02.22.2021