Modern Living with kathy ireland Explores How Ignite Funding Facilitates Real Estate Investments for Investors

Tune in to E! Entertainment as sponsored programming on Thursday, February 11, 2016 and Bloomberg International as sponsored programming on Sunday, February 14, 2016 featuring Ignite Funding. View Program   (LAS VEGAS, February 2, 2016) – Ignite Funding announces an exclusive feature story conducted on Modern Living with kathy ireland, a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe. Kathy Ireland interviewed Ignite Funding’s President, Carrie Cook, to learn more about our services and solutions. She asks poignant questions about why so many investors steer clear of the real estate market during the segment; how Ignite Funding mitigates risk and how Ms. Cook has risen to the level she has in her career. Through a detailed field report, Modern Living explores the types of investments available, how borrowers use the funds and how easy it is to get started by speaking with a current investor, Edna Martinez. Ms. Martinez shared her story, “There are very few places to invest your money these days with any comfortable feeling of return.” Speaking of her investments with Ignite Funding Ms. Martinez explains, “The income I get now that I am retired supplements my income quite nicely.”

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The Next Generation of Hard-Money Lending

"The evolution of hard-money lending has taken a long and fragmented path with products ranging across the spectrum... Against the backdrop of financial crises, demand for hard-money financing grew as collateral types and loan programs expanded, all while conventional financing retracted and conforming lending options narrowed. This set the stage for responsible lending opportunities and the continued evolution of hard-money lending into mainstream financing." "With that in mind, the term “hard money” no longer fits in today’s marketplace. A better term would be “alternative equity financing.” Let’s take a closer look at this new lending environment." Click here to view the rest of the article from Scotsman Guide.