Modern Living with kathy ireland Explores How Ignite Funding Facilitates Real Estate Investments for Investors

Tune in to E! Entertainment as sponsored programming on Thursday, February 11, 2016 and Bloomberg International as sponsored programming on Sunday, February 14, 2016 featuring Ignite Funding. View Program   (LAS VEGAS, February 2, 2016) – Ignite Funding announces an exclusive feature story conducted on Modern Living with kathy ireland, a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe. Kathy Ireland interviewed Ignite Funding’s President, Carrie Cook, to learn more about our services and solutions. She asks poignant questions about why so many investors steer clear of the real estate market during the segment; how Ignite Funding mitigates risk and how Ms. Cook has risen to the level she has in her career. Through a detailed field report, Modern Living explores the types of investments available, how borrowers use the funds and how easy it is to get started by speaking with a current investor, Edna Martinez. Ms. Martinez shared her story, “There are very few places to invest your money these days with any comfortable feeling of return.” Speaking of her investments with Ignite Funding Ms. Martinez explains, “The income I get now that I am retired supplements my income quite nicely.”

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Invest in What You Know

Joshua Kennon, Investing for Beginners Expert, discusses investing in what you know and finding companies by "Taking a trip to your local mall and scout out the stores to see what is popular. Pay attention to where your kids want you to take them for back to school shopping" or "go through your pantry, cupboards, laundry room, and garage to find products you use regularly." May I suggest an even more basic view- the roof over your head. If you have, or have had a mortgage you understand how that works. Real Estate is an investment that you know! Click here to view the rest of the article from About Money.

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Tailor Built Homes, LLC | Loan #4230

First Trust Deed collateralized by two fully developed residential lots situated just west of Interstate 15 in West Jordan, Utah (approximately 15 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah). Loan proceeds will be used for the acquisition of the lots which average a half acre in size. The borrower has successfully built and sold out of the first phase of the community and has now begun purchasing the lots from the second phase of the community. Over the next six months, the borrower will have purchased all the lots in the second phase. Within the first phase, the borrower built a home that was showcased in the 2015 parade of homes. One of the lots that they will be acquiring in the second phase will become an entrant into the 2016 parade of homes. Loan Amount: $420,000 Yield:(principal value > $100,000): 10.25% Yield:(principal value < $100,000): 10.00% Term: 6 Months with one optional 6 month extension period at maturity. These investment are on a first come, first serve basis.

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Best Ways To Invest Tax Free

“So you’re ready to start investing for your future, but you’re not sure how it might affect your tax bill. Believe it or not, there are a few clever ways to invest without having Uncle Sam reach even deeper into your pockets. They’re called tax-advantaged accounts and investments, and they are extremely popular with U.S. investors. These special accounts allow you enjoy either tax-deferred or (better yet) tax-free growth of your investments." Many of our clients use IRA accounts to invest in Real Estate through Trust Deeds. Click here to view the rest of the article from Investopedia.

The Best Way to Invest Money In IRAs

“An IRA can be a great tool when trying to save for retirement, with excellent tax advantages and the freedom to choose virtually any stock, bond, or mutual fund you want. But because this "freedom" can seem overwhelming to beginning investors, here's a guide to help you figure out which investments belong in your IRA.” Once you've experienced the "freedom to choose virtually any stock, bond, or mutual fund you want" look into a Self-Directed IRA and expand those choices beyond just stocks and bonds to include options such as real estate, precious metals, and alternative investments. Click here to view the rest of the article from The Motley Fool.

Crucial Investment Decisions In Your 50s That Can Make-Or-Break Your Retirement

"Your 50s may be the make-or-break decade for retiring in your 60s.  Make the most of those high-earning years so retirement may be a reality in your not-so-distant future."  We would add one more thing to the article's 5 suggestions; after saving that money in your IRA invest it, perhaps in trust deeds. That investment could grow your retirement even more. Click here to view the rest of the article from Forbes.

Real Estate Investment Seminar

Join us for a webinar on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:00 PM PDT. Register now! In this introductory session we will explore an exciting and rewarding real estate investment strategy in collateralized first trust deeds. Tyler Luckey, Vice President of Business Development at Ignite Funding will outline the basics of first trust deed investing and how investors are earning 10%-12% average returns. Learn the benefits and risks of diversifying portions of your investment portfolio or retirement accounts in commercial first trust deeds. Our guest, Kaaren Hall, President of uDirect IRA Services, LLC, will share details on how to invest using qualified accounts held through a self-directed IRA. Explore how you can take control over your retirement strategies by investing your IRAs in non-traditional assets such as real estate, trust deeds or precious metals. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

When Not To Open A Roth IRA

"In the world of financial planning, the Roth IRA sometimes looks like the cool younger brother of the more vanilla traditional IRA. Indeed, the Roth version, first introduced in 1998, offers a number of features that look pretty attractive: a lack of required minimum distributions (RMDs), the flexibility to withdraw money prior to retirement and the ability to make contributions past the age of 70½." Is there a time when you wouldn't want to open a Roth? Click here to view the rest of the article from Investopedia.