Ignite The Passion of Real Estate Investing

The name is derived from a desire to ignite the passion of real estate investing through an innovative approach that allows investors to take a pro-rata percentage of ownership in collateralized turn-key real estate investments. Ignite Funding fills a lending gap by providing homebuilders and residential and commercial developers a reliable lending source not available through traditional financial institutions. This gap in lending options allows investors an opportunity to participate in real estate investments that offer double-digit annualized returns to build wealth in their retirement portfolio. Ignite Funding continues to prove trust deed investments build communities and wealth for investors with half a billion funded on behalf of its thousands of investors. As a licensed commercial broker, Ignite Funding is the conduit in connecting bankable borrowers with sophisticated investors seeking collateralized real estate investment opportunities. Of the 970 real estate investments provided to 41 borrowers in 11 states, Ignite Funding and their investors have made it possible for the acquisition and development of over 10,000 acres of land, 7,000 residential lots and 600,000 square feet of commercial space. “These statistics make you realize the impact Ignite Funding has made in communities throughout the Western United States, and we could not

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Why Providing Free Education to Real Estate Investors is a Priority for Ignite Funding

June 2nd marked the third year in a row that Ignite Funding visited and educated investors in the Bay Area of California. Dawn Pitts, Business Development Executive at Ignite Funding has been the presenter at these seminars since its inception. “I have enjoyed educating investors throughout the Southwest United States the last three years and I hope to continue our free education program for years to come,” stated Pitts. Ignite Funding holds over six seminars a year in which all types of investors come to learn about real estate investing, specifically Trust Deeds. Pitts explained that, “Most investors understand the basics of investing in real estate, but when it comes to Trust Deed investing they need a better understanding of the process. That’s where I come in! The reason why we don’t charge some enormous fee like those “real estate gurus” you hear about on TV is simple: investors deserve to learn about these types of investments for free so that their current portfolios stay diversified and mitigate their overall risk. “ By continuing to offer free educational seminars, Ignite Funding hopes to assist investors by offering them double-digit returns through Trust Deed real estate investments. To learn more about

Investors Look to Trust Deeds at the Las Vegas MoneyShow

Ignite Funding attended the Las Vegas MoneyShow last week and had the opportunity to educate attendees about Trust Deed investments. “This is our fourth year at the MoneyShow”, said Howard Robbins, Business Development Executive at Ignite Funding. “Coming from a background in the financial services world, I am well versed in the needs of diversifying   a client’s portfolio while searching for investments such as Trust Deeds that mitigate their portfolio’s risk levels”, added Robbins. This year’s MoneyShow had another great turnout with over 80 exhibitors and 500 attendees. Robbins stated that, “The exhibit hall had a good flow of traffic the entire event and it was nice seeing such a diverse group of exhibitors”. The Las Vegas MoneyShow continues to grow its alternative investment section with real estate investments, precious metal dealers, private cannabis companies, as well as energy and oil investments. Robbins believes that investors need the opportunity to learn about different investments outside of the stock market and that the information he presented to them about Trust Deed investing is something they should consider when deciding on new investments to add to their current portfolios. To learn more about Ignite Funding and the investments we offer, visit our