Vanquish Capital, LLC #5530 | ARIZONA – FUNDED

The collateral for this first position trust deed is 3.3-acre site that was conditionally approved on 5/4/22 for the construction of a 72-unit townhome project which is laid out on the next page. Since putting the property under contract nearly 14 months ago, not only has the borrower “added value” by locking in their purchase price in a rapidly improving real estate market, but they have also added value by reducing risk in the project by getting the property mostly entitled. Typically, FIG would sell each of the units to individual investors but have found one investor that wants the entire project. With that said, once the building permits are ready to be issued, the investor will close on the sale of the property and purchase it from FIG in one transaction. In the unlikely event the buyer falls out of contract, FIG’s regular investors will acquire individual buildings.

Loan Amount: $1,700,000

Yield: 10% interest is paid monthly in arrears with payments due on the 1st of each month with a 10-day grace period. *For investments equal to or greater than $100,000 investors will earn 10.5%

Term: Nine months with an optional extension at maturity. Final maturity date is 1/6/24.