Investors Look to Trust Deeds at the Las Vegas MoneyShow

Ignite Funding attended the Las Vegas MoneyShow last week and had the opportunity to educate attendees about Trust Deed investments. “This is our fourth year at the MoneyShow”, said Howard Robbins, Business Development Executive at Ignite Funding. “Coming from a background in the financial services world, I am well versed in the needs of diversifying   a client’s portfolio while searching for investments such as Trust Deeds that mitigate their portfolio’s risk levels”, added Robbins. This year’s MoneyShow had another great turnout with over 80 exhibitors and 500 attendees. Robbins stated that, “The exhibit hall had a good flow of traffic the entire event and it was nice seeing such a diverse group of exhibitors”. The Las Vegas MoneyShow continues to grow its alternative investment section with real estate investments, precious metal dealers, private cannabis companies, as well as energy and oil investments. Robbins believes that investors need the opportunity to learn about different investments outside of the stock market and that the information he presented to them about Trust Deed investing is something they should consider when deciding on new investments to add to their current portfolios. To learn more about Ignite Funding and the investments we offer, visit our