Why Providing Free Education to Real Estate Investors is a Priority for Ignite Funding

June 2nd marked the third year in a row that Ignite Funding visited and educated investors in the Bay Area of California. Dawn Pitts, Business Development Executive at Ignite Funding has been the presenter at these seminars since its inception. “I have enjoyed educating investors throughout the Southwest United States the last three years and I hope to continue our free education program for years to come,” stated Pitts. Ignite Funding holds over six seminars a year in which all types of investors come to learn about real estate investing, specifically Trust Deeds. Pitts explained that, “Most investors understand the basics of investing in real estate, but when it comes to Trust Deed investing they need a better understanding of the process. That’s where I come in! The reason why we don’t charge some enormous fee like those “real estate gurus” you hear about on TV is simple: investors deserve to learn about these types of investments for free so that their current portfolios stay diversified and mitigate their overall risk. “ By continuing to offer free educational seminars, Ignite Funding hopes to assist investors by offering them double-digit returns through Trust Deed real estate investments. To learn more about