GGD Oakdale, LLC #4797 | NEVADA – FUNDED

First Trust Deed collateralized by an approximately 62,000 square foot former BevMo! building which is part of the larger Still Water Plaza in Fallon, NV (about 61 miles east of Reno, NV). Although the property is currently vacant, the borrower has a lease ready to be signed with Harbor Freight to occupy 16,310 square feet. Once this new tenant is signed up (shortly after acquiring the property), the borrower will be left with 46,425 square feet of vacancy. There is new leasing broker working on filling the remaining space and they have had preliminary discussions with a grocery store, a Christian bookstore, and two smaller tenants. Other tenants in the plaza include Burger King, Wells Fargo Bank, Pizza Factory, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Verizon Wireless, GameStop, and Jiffy Lube. Although these other tenants are not part of the collateral of the loan, they are all within the same shopping complex. The other space in the shopping plaza (which is owned by a different owner), have not had much of an issue with staying occupied unlike the building that the borrower is acquiring which has sat vacant for a few years. The prior ownership group was unrealistic in their rental rate expectations and unwilling to give the building a facelift to obtain the higher rents.

Loan Amount: $2,400,000

Yield: 10.5% (Principal Balance ≥ $100,000); 10.0% (Principal Balance < $100,000) Interest is paid monthly in arrears with payments due on the 1st of each month with a 10- day grace period.

Term: Nine months with two optional nine-month extension periods at maturity.

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