What is a Trust Deed Investment?

Your investment at Ignite Funding is a financial agreement between a Borrower and a private Investor(s) secured by real property.

A Trust Deed investment is a Promissory Note secured by a Deed of Trust recorded on real property.  The Borrower executes the Promissory Note payable to the Investor(s) with the intent to pay the Investor(s) a certain interest rate on the loaned money, plus repay the principal amount within a specified time frame.  Investors are recorded as beneficiaries to the property in the event the Borrower defaults on the loan obligation and loses its claim to the property through foreclosure.

Trust Deed Investments can enhance an investment portfolio with the potential to generate higher-yielding returns for Investors in the form of monthly income.  While all investments involve risk, Trust Deeds offer Investors the opportunity to recoup a portion or all of their original investment through the sale of the property if the asset is taken back through foreclosure.  Borrowers who seek financing from Ignite Funding range from smaller custom home builders to nationally recognized development and construction companies.

For more information click here to view the Lending Process PDF.

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