What are the suitability requirements for investors?

Before investing, an investor must verify that they meet one or more of the following financial requirements:

  • The investor’s household net worth is more than $250,000.00, excluding any equity in any real property used as the investor’s primary residence at the time of the investment; or
  • The investor’s household net annual income was more than $70,000.00 for each of the previous two tax years and there is a reasonable expectation of attaining or exceeding the same income for the current

The investor must also verify that their total investments in mortgage loans secured by a lien on real property transacted by a mortgage broker or mortgage agent are not valued at more than 50% of the investor’s household net worth or household net annual income, whichever is greater.

If you have any questions regarding any of the issues discussed in this disclosure form, discuss them with your Ignite Funding Investment Agent, lawyer or financial advisor or a trusted friend or family member. No one can guarantee that a particular investment will be risk free, but with information about the specific risks involved, you can take steps to minimize your risk.



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