Primo Holdings, LLC #5135 | NEVADA – FUNDED

The collateral for this first position loan is an approximately 29-acre site in unincorporated Clark County, just south of Sloan, NV (approximately 10 miles south of “The Strip” in Las Vegas, NV). Although the current zoning classification is Rural Open Land, the county has already approved a plan to rezone the project to a Commercial Tourist designation. Under this newly planned designation, the borrower intents to build three industrial distribution facilities totaling more than 440,000 square feet. In addition to this planned facility, the borrower also owns the land on the other side of the highway which they will construct into another industrial building. Although it is not within the borrower’s current plans, they have received nearly a dozen offers to buy the property with offers up to nearly $12,000,000. This is a piece of property that has not changed ownership in nearly 30 years. The principals of the borrower have worked in the industrial and retail sectors of real estate in and around Las Vegas for over three decades. Loan Amount: $7,000,000 Yield: 11% regardless of investment size. Interest is paid monthly in arrears with payments due on the 1st of each month with a 10-day grace period. Term: