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Ms. Cook holds two executive level roles consecutively as President of Ignite Funding and CEO of Preferred Trust Company. As the President of Ignite Funding since April 2011, Ms. Cook brings more than 15 years of experience specializing in private lending and is a licensed Mortgage Broker with the Nevada Mortgage Lending Division and Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

Her role with Ignite Funding came on the heels of a massive real estate collapse that bankrupted many real estate investment firms. When she took on the role as President of Ignite Funding her first order of business was to stabilize the financial and operational performance of the company head-on and driving rapid change to preserve and create value for investors and the owners of the company. Her dedication and resilience took the company from a deficit to a multi-million net income generating company in less than five years. Her commitment does not stop there, as she is head strong on being the most transparent private real estate investment firm to earn the respect and integrity of her investors and peers alike. She puts investors capital above the revenue of the company as she recognizes that investors have entrusted her to preserve their capital and she takes her role very seriously. She also does not believe in outsourcing any aspect of the investment experience, which is why Ignite Funding employs professionals in the fields of loan origination, loan servicing/accounting, marketing/sales, client relations, and asset management. It is her belief that off the shelf technology is for amateurs and would rather build software to the exact specification to allow customization for an industry with limited technological advancements. With approximately $1B funded since leading the company, it is clear she is not stopping and committed to continuing the growth of the company and preservation of investor capital.

In her secondary role as Chief Executive Officer of Preferred Trust Company, a licensed retail trust company that holds custody of alternative assets on behalf of IRA account owners, she oversees all functions within the business to include; operations, compliance, accounting, marketing/sales, and client relations. Ms. Cook was approached in August of 2014 by the owners of the company and asked if she would consider the dual capacity role given her proven track record. Given the synergistic approach of the two companies she took on the challenge. It was that challenge that began a complete overhaul of the financial, operational and regulatory performance of the company. In this role, Ms. Cook is a certified Self-Directed IRA Professional.

Prior to joining Ignite Funding, Ms. Cook served as Vice President of Marketing for CM Capital Services from 2005 to March 2011, where she was responsible for marketing, public relations, and sales activities. Prior to joining CM Capital Services, she spent five years as the Director of Community Relations and Political Action Committee Treasurer with Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. As Director of Community Relations, where she was honored with the 2003 Crystal Obelisk Award from The Foundation of Women Executives in Public Relations for the “Meals on Wheels” program.

Ms. Cook has been featured and/or authored various financial industry trade publications that include; Think Realty “Women to Watch”, American Association of Private Lenders “Emerging Leader”, Financial Advisor “Liquid ALTS Investing”, Modern Living with Kathy Ireland (personal interview), REI Wealth “Your Guide to Real Estate Wealth Now”, and Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine “When Vital Money Makes Your Deal Possible”. She has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Real Estate Investment Management. As of recent, Ms. Cook also shares her approach to management, leadership, investing and work-life balance to help fuel the drive for growth and creative thinking that is often missing in the workplace and with private investors through her leadership based blog, “High Heel Boss“.

Ms. Cook earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management with a concentration in Finance from the University of Phoenix.

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