Speed and Flexibility. With a growing Investor base, Ignite Funding is capable of raising funds in a short amount of time to finance a variety of real estate projects. As a licensed mortgage broker regulated by the Mortgage Lending Division of the State of Nevada, Ignite Funding has more flexibility in its loan selection process than traditional banking institutions. With the majority of loans being underwritten for 6 to 24 month terms, Borrowers are willing to pay higher rates of interest for short borrowing periods in order to obtain needed financing to acquire or develop real estate projects immediately.
Ignite Funding primarily invests in real estate projects located in the western United States, but will consider other locations should favorable opportunities emerge.
Ignite Funding requires a $10,000 minimum investment amount per Trust Deed investment.

Ignite Funding’s loans typically range from 9 to 18 months

Interest payments are paid in arrears based on the monthly interest charged for the prior month’s borrowing activity.
Borrower payments are due to Ignite Funding on the 1st of each month with typically a 10-day grace period. Once we receive the payment from the Borrower, we clear the funds through our bank and distribute the interest payments directly to the Investors on the 15th of each month, or the business day prior if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. Interest is charged using a 30-day month interest calculation.
When practicing business in a lending environment, default situations do occur, particularly amidst the slowed home sales and credit limitations impacting the present real estate market. As part of its underwriting process, Ignite Funding attempts to determine the feasibility of principal recovery should the Borrower default on a loan. Ignite Funding does not approve loans without clear exit strategies. Ignite Funding is committed to attaining the best possible resolution on behalf of its Investors. Over the past 30 years we have worked very hard in different market conditions to earn a favorable reputation in our industry, and we are confident that Investors will benefit from our experience, resources, and ability to take action on behalf of our Investors. Borrower default may result in a variety of scenarios including, but not limited to, suspension or discontinuance of monthly interest income for Investors, Borrower Bankruptcy, and Investor property ownership through foreclosure. Market conditions at the time of property ownership may result in an inability to sell the property for a significant period of time, and foreclosure expenses and carrying costs associated with property ownership are ultimately the responsibility of Investors. These expenses, as well as the ultimate sale or resolution of the property, may result in a partial or lack of principal return to Investors.