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Project Description

Watt Realty Group, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watt Companies. This division was formed in 2018 to expand Watt’s investments in multifamily properties in the Western United States. This division employs two primary strategies building on the 70 years’ of experience and success that Watt Companies has achieved. The first strategy is to acquire value-add and core-plus apartment properties and execute on successful renovation plans. The second strategy is to develop ground up apartment properties. We are focused on market rate projects and are also gaining an expertise in Opportunity Zone developments. WMF is focused on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to Watt and their investors under both strategies.

Watt Realty Groups has been working with Ignite Funding since January 2020. As of January 1, 2021, Ignite Funding has funded 3 loans for a total of $7.5M for Watt Realty Groups.

Owner: Watt Companies
Division Founded in: 2018
Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA
Company size:
Specialization: New home construction
Current markets: Nevada
Future plans: Expand into Western U.S.

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