Vegas housing market to make respectable gains

"Southern Nevada’s middling housing market will make decent if unimpressive gains in the next 18 months. The market’s gains come in part from economic recovery. At more than 3 percent, the Las Vegas Valley’s job growth is roughly double the national rate. The population is growing as well. Affluent baby boomers in particular are relocating with cash in hand to spend in the move-up housing market." "The city’s economic expansion is set to continue, at least in the near term: There’s roughly $9 billion in new building projects and renovations planned across the valley in the next three years, said outlook panelist Scott Russell, senior manager of research for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority." Click here to view the rest of the article from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

How to Make Your Self-Directed Retirement Plan Work Harder

"Have a self-directed IRA? Congratulations! You’ve taken a big step toward taking control of your financial future. But having the plan is just the beginning. A retirement plan is not just a savings account to stash your hard-earned money in. It’s where your money can grow and provide perpetual income. In other words, your retirement plan needs to go to work and be earning income when you no longer do. Here are four steps to make sure your self-directed retirement plan is working hard for you..." Click here to view the rest of the article from NerdWallet.

5 Great Investment Options

"No. 1: Open a Roth IRA" "Arguably, one of the greatest investment options open to Americans (as long as they meet certain income limits) is the Roth IRA." A large number of our clients use their IRA to invest in Trust Deeds. Click here to view the rest of the article from The Motley Fool.

Perfect Investment

Looking for the "Perfect Investment"? One that "is an investment with high return, no risk, full liquidity, freedom from income taxes, and no skill or talent required to manage it... Get real, there is no such investment!" "It takes planning, thought and a clear understanding of your long-term goals to find the “perfect portfolio,” and it may not exist. Take your time and do your homework to have a full understanding and complete disclosure about your investments." Click here to view the rest of the article from Napa Valley Register. Ignite Funding may not be the perfect investment, but we may be perfect for you.  

The Dreaded ‘R’ Word: Retirement

"Like many Americans, small business owners are too busy making ends meet to even think about retirement—and most aren’t able to sock much away. In fact, a recent Manta online poll found that small business owners’ biggest retirement fear is not having enough savings." Sounds familiar? Manta's advice "The work until you die plan just isn’t feasible. Start with tangible steps toward saving—and investing when you’re ready. And take your employees along for the ride." Our investments start at $10,000. Click here to view the rest of the article from Manta.

Can you pass this retirement quiz?

"You should ace it. After all, Social Security is the most important retirement benefit for most Americans, and understanding the rules is critical for getting the most out of the program. Only 28 percent of Americans can give enough correct answers to questions like these to get a passing grade. The findings are disturbing. Ninety percent of Americans over age 65 receive Social Security benefits, and, for 65 percent, the program provides more than half of total income, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. For 36 percent, Social Security is the entire retirement income ballgame." Click here to view the quiz and the rest of the article from MSN Money.

Harmony461, LLC | Loan #4215

First Trust Deed collateralized by 26 approximately 1.018 to o0.10 acre graded residential lots located in the second and third phase of the Malibu subdivision in North Las Vegas, Nevada (approximately nine miles north of Las Vegas, NV). The first part of the subdivision includes over 200 completed homes as well as completed common areas, parks, two pools, and landscaping. This community is the second part of the Malibu community which will ultimately consist of 100 homes of roughly the same size as the first phase. The main entrance to the subdivision is located across the street from the entrance to Shadow Creek Golf Course.  Loan Amount: $1,300,000 Yield:(principal value > $100,000): 11.00% Yield:(principal value < $100,000): 10.75% Term: Six Months with one optional six month extension period at maturity. These investment are on a first come, first serve basis.

Asked, Answered: Self-directed IRAs require diligence

When asked,  "I have a neighbor that is using a "self-directed" IRA for real estate investments. I'm not sure I understand how that works. Is it a good way to invest? Can anyone do that?" the Arizona Republic answered, “Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts are a special version of the popular retirement programs and share the same tax benefits and other features. The main difference is that investors can hold a wider selection of assets inside a self-directed IRA. Traditional IRAs are mostly limited to financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit and the like — but not tangible or physical assets such as gold bullion or real estate, nor more esoteric financial products such as tax liens or promissory notes." Click here to view the rest of the article from AZ Central.

4 Ways to Improve Your Finances in Retirement

“It takes years of consistent saving and prudent investment decisions to amass enough money to retire comfortably. And the need to effectively manage your money doesn't stop when you leave your job. You must continue to make sound financial decisions in retirement to help your money last the rest of your life. Here are a few ways you can improve your finances in retirement.” Click here to view the rest of the article from U.S. News & World Report.

Why Clients Fail At Retirement

“If an advisor asks a client or prospect why they think most mass affluent Americans fail in retirement, they’ll typically say it is investment performance. Many people flunk retirement, but investment performance has never been the cause." So what are the reasons? Financial Advisor gives a few examples. Click here to view the rest of the article from Financial Advisor.